GBerry - Fun Together

More Information

If you would like to get more information don't hesitate to send a message to tero.vuorela(at)

Project Team

We are looking for partners and co-founders! We have a vision to develop GBerry into profitable business and it might be that your skills are vital for GBerry's success.

Do you know

  • Marketing?
  • Sales?
  • Game development?
  • Software and programming?
    • Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows, Apple, Qt/C++, Python, Ruby, server side, Javascript, HTML, web development, FIWare, mobile applications, Android, iOS, Windows, Phone, automatized testing, continuous deployment
  • Graphics? UX design?
  • Game music? Sound effects`?

Whatever is your the best skill this might be your chance to learn lots of new skills and develop yourself to a new level. Lets see if we can help each other.